deep - a game about breathing

I have been tinkering away on a weird little project in my spare time, a weird little thing about breathing. Let me back up a bit. I, like a lot of people ( pretty much everyone ) have a problem with anxiety. I get really worried about all sorts of different stuff. Some of it real and practical things, but a lot of nonsense too. Many years ago I was introduced to meditation and breathing exercises and I have been able to use them, if not to cure my problems, at least to manage them. 

When the oculus rift was announced I was excited. Very excited. I am really enjoying playing all the little ludic tapas and I am looking forward to meatier games coming out, but what I am really excited about are not the "games" as such, but the "experiences". The Rift, in my mind, is not some new peripheral, it's the new LSD.

Look at these two videos and you will see what I mean.

I propose that there is more than a passing similarity. This is the side of Rift design that I am interested in and that is what I am working on. 

What is deep?

Deep is a game and a new controller. The controller tracks deep belly breathing, the kind of breathing you are taught at yoga and meditation classes. The kind of breathing that opera singers and swimmers do to improve their skills. As you breathe in and out, the game responds. The simple linking of breath and world can be quite an interesting sensation. Once I have some last kinks worked out, I plan on making the plans for the controller publicly available so anyone that is interested can build their own.

The game, the first of many I hope, is a deep sea diving experience. You use your breath to control your buoyancy. You will breathe to move around and explore a deep crevasse, to meet an ancient being at the bottom.

I hope you like the sound of it. I look forward to showing you more. Here is a demo from a few months back. :)