dubLUDO, a new event about gameplay and testing

Hey there guys. I want to let you know about something I am very passionate about. Play. I love playing and playing games. I love our little dev scene here in Ireland and it’s wonderful to see it grow each year, every event I go to I am wowed by a new team or an idea. But something has been missing from our smorgasbord of  gatherings and meetings and that has been play.

If I want to find a job, or get investment, or meet new team mates, or get better at coding, or find a course, there are events for me. But until now there has been nothing to address the fun and play in our creations. I am trying to change that with dubLUDO.

dubLUDO is a semi-organised event where people bring their early stage prototypes and works in progress and get other designers and developers to play them. You play other games and give (hopefully) helpful feedback. You get people to play your game and get to hear all the worst things about it. That is scary, but great and completely necessary. Its wonderful that we have been so supportive and kind to each other these last few years, but we are getting older and stronger now, and we need this to get better.

The other big danger in our community is stagnation. There is very little game design experience in Ireland and while we have been making rapid advancements we could well plateau this year. Without senior experienced artisans to turn to for advice we must embrace and be open to each other. We must lay bare our process, thoughts and methods, so that we might all learn and benefit. dubLUDO can be a forum for such discussion.

We must also look next door, to out highly experienced neighbors  The UK, Scandinavia and mainland Europe is bristling with talent and experience and many of them would love an excuse to come to Dublin and meet some nice smart folks. We must engage with them, they are so close and have so much to teach us.

Finally, we must broden the discussion. Right now there are people making amazing games in Ireland that we know nothing about. Weird, crazy, mad things. I want to play them. I want to learn from them. I want to find these hidden folk and bring them into the discussion and community. We need them.

So if you are making something please bring it along. Don’t be scared that is is rough and broken. That’s the point! And if you know one of those mad tinkerers please point them our way.