gdc 14: day -2

Here we are again. I am so happy to be back in San Francisco for the third year in a row. For years and years I dreamed of coming here and I feel so lucky and fortunate that I get to do it. People have laughed in my face about my feelings about gdc but I don't care. They are not the first to think I am an idiot and they won't be the last.

I fucking LOVE gdc. This is not a business conference to me, or a networking event, or even a wild party time. My experience of these few days is one of creative awe. It's a realisation of teenage utopian dreams, of intellectual overload, destruction and birth.

In fact, very little of what is special about this time has anything to do with games, or event the conference itself. For me it is about being surrounded by people wildly more talented and intelligent than myself. 

It's intoxicating, inspiring, challenging and occasionally daunting and upsetting. I know that when this time is done, I will be a little bit better, smarter and more capable. I will have taken steps on this long path of honing my craft.