gdc 14: day 1

Last night I played Netrunner in Wikipedia. Sometimes my life is so chaotic and stressful and full that I wonder why I have done this to myself. But then sometimes something like this happens and I am so in love with this weird path. 

We got up early this morning and headed to the convention centre, so very very beanful. The talks went off like an explosion. Ideas, experiences, truth, suffering, success. Any one of these talks would stand alone, a highlight to a week. To take them all at once, I think I know how Neo felt when they uploaded all the code into his head.

I spent the majority of the day marinading in the Indie Game Summit. Steve Swink's openness and honesty was so inspiring and terrifying. I found David Kanaga's talk intimidating, baffling, super interesting and wondrous. I am going to watch it again ASAP. If feels weird to call out two, because in truth, everything was just so great.

I also popped up to the education summit. Its funny to go from the gaunt, hungry fervour of the indie summit to the bubbly joyous game design lecturers. I learnt some fantastic new games that I am going to be playing with my stoods next week and forever more.

Me and Ben

Me and Ben

As if all that wasn't enough, I met up with the amazing Ben Prunty, who will be doing the soundtrack for our new game FranknJohn. I am so glad we are working with him, he just gets what we are trying to do and Ben just seems like the perfect fit.