DEEP day 3, improved calibration

Woo, I have dynamic calibration working in DEEP. This is a big milestone and fixes something that was really bothering me. In the last version of the game, players were asked to "take a deep breath" and then to "breathe it out". These values were stored and then used to figure out how much of a breath the player had. Simple enough, but it brought about a bunch of problems. 

First of all, if you ask someone to breathe, they will breathe in a certain way, but as the game goes on, that pattern will change. During the calibration, the player's breath was represented by a number, and what do players like, big numbers! People would take huge big breaths that they would never come close to again, thus throwing the readings right off. They would sink like a stone and almost hyperventilate trying to get buoyant again! 

Another, more subtle problem, was with the overall experience of the game. This is supposed to be a trippy meditation, not an examination. Starting off with this medical test-like scenario is not the experience I wanted to make for people. The breath value is now represented by shifting colours which seems to work much better.

I am happy to report that that it is all fixed now, and the game dynamically establishes the boundaries of the players breath and updates those boundaries as the game goes on.

What's done:

  • Dynamic controller calibration
  • Colour responds to breath

What's next

  • Get flotation working
  • Change the controller fastener to velcro

I don't have any pretty picture of my work, so instead, here's a picture of my current workspace.