DEEP - velcro controller complete

I am back to DEEP development today after getting back from a rather lengthy and wonderful wedding. The break gave me a chance to reflect on the progress I made last week and the future of the project. It makes me tremendously happy to work on this game and I am really going to try and keep the momentum up when I return to Dublin. 

Today I got a chance to finish of the modifications to the controller and we are now ready to get back developing and testing the software side of things. There are two major things I want to achieve before I head back to the city, traversal and fish. 

Traversal is the biggest change with the new version of DEEP. Rather than just moving up and down, players will now be able to freely explore all the nooks and crannies of the underworld. When you spot an interesting plant, a wondrous viewpoint, a mysterious peak or a spookey cave, you will be able to go and take a closer look at it. 

Fish are next on the list. If you are like me, you just love watching flocking behaviour, be it a boid, a flock of birds at night or a school of fish. I want to get some basic fish creatures in to the game to give the players something nice to interact with and look at.

Oh, one last thing, here is an early render from Niki of some DEEP plant life. Doesn't it look cool!


  • Velcro version of the controller is complete

What is next

  • Traversal
  • Fish!
  • Submit the game to events