DEEP - It's alive!

Woo! It's working and I am excited. You can now move about and explore the environment. An ugly basic environment yes, but that will be changing very soon. I am really happy with the results. Maybe no one else will like the game, but I am really really proud of this little project. 

I will try and capture some video for tomorrows post, even if it is just a vine or something. If you are interested in testing the game in the coming weeks, get in touch and we can try and sort something out. 

The main challenge for me now is to stay focused and work on the tuning. There will be no more sexy new features to add for a while, just slow, diligent number tweaking. I need to get the floaty feeling just right. 

Here are some fresh sketches. The little fish guys is the first model that will be going into the game. Can't wait to see how he looks. 

what's done

  • Traversal

What's next

  • Fish
  • Seriously, start submitting it to events