The time has come to cast an inevitable eye back over the year. It's inescapable, thou shalt inventory. So let's do this, and think about what it all means and what comes next. 

2015 has been exceptionally difficult for me.

This simple fact came as quite a shock to me. To look at my year through the distorted lens of Facebook, it has been one of accolades, jet setting and adventure. But that is not how it has felt. The truth is that this year started with a family illness that swept a fire of trauma though the hearts of all close to me. The first season was a blur of tears and anxiety. Things got better for a while but a deep depression, anxiety and isolation set in summer and I am still trying to shake it. This resurgence of this old problem has put a serious strain on my relationships and creativity and I just want to find a way out of it. 

Of course it has not all been bad. There has been some great stuff too. 

DEEP is better than ever
My physical fitness took a big jump this year
I started doing therapy
Me and Char's trip through Spain and Portugal was amazing

So what now. 

I am going to beat this thing. 

I will not allow sadness and despair to drown me in 2016. So here is the plan for the next 4 weeks:

Every day
Some form of creativity
Note my 2 favourite things about each day

Every week
Keep going to therapy
At least 1 Yoga class
See an old friend
Play a boardgame with loved ones
Note my 2 favourite things about each week

So that's the battle plan folks. When sadness visits I will meet it with a welcoming smile, listen to what it has to say and then move on. I'll update here on how it is going. If you are feeling down feel free to join me in this.... and let me know how you get on.