Praise the sun

I am on the road once more! Not a trip to a conference or a shot break but a real chunk of travel. It has been far too long since. I have three weeks, few plans and a big map! What could be better? 

Not too long ago, I only felt like myself when I traveled. It felt like waking up from the dreams of my stationary life. On the road is where I feel alive. The game now is to find the special place. A place of slow days, plentiful hammocks and cheap wine.

For now we explore Lisbon. Last night we found this delightful pair.

They are a magical duo know as Tribal Baroque and I will most certainly be going back to see them tonight. You can read more about them here.

I have much to say about DEEP, my work and the last few months but I will leave it there for now. 

Be well friends.