Old Gear

You've been dropped in to the middle of an alien metropolis on a distant planet. It's loud and scary and all of your senses are utterly bamboozled by the cacophony of sights and smells and sounds. You need to get out. You have to get home. It's ok, don't worry. Don't panic. Here is something to help you find your way. 

This is how we live now. Our nervous system evolved on the pains of Africa over thousands of years to do a few things. Bond with our close ones, mate with our compatible ones, eat the tasty things and DON'T GET EATEN BY THE BIG THINGS!

We have walked out of those plains but we still got the same gear. Gear that is utterly unsuitable to navigating this bizarre world we have built. A world which is largely an expression of our collective neurosis' and fears, shame and desires. The scarier the world gets the more we are befuddled as we struggle to understand the world with our gear. This makes us more terrified and we make the world weirder still. 

So how do we stop this? Should we?

Perhaps we can continue to strain and stretch our gear. Perhaps if we try hard enough it will grow 3 sizes and we will once again be at peace with the world around us.