1 week in, 1 week out

I am happy to report that the experiment is going really well. I have taken the last week very very easy and kept up with almost all of the plans. The meditation has really helped me settle my emotions and has really diminished my anxiety and catastrophising. I still get a bit bumpy each day, but where before it would take over and consume me, now I notice it, communicate it and it passes after a while.  It's more "Tá brón orm" than "I am sad".

The creativity has been what has faltered so far. I have not kept up with it as much as I would like. A few sketches and some messing with the guitar but thats all for now. Tomorrow I'll be getting back to work on DEPE though so I will be sowing, sketching, wiring, coding and  tinkering. 

But the biggest success of all has been the "write down 2 things exercise". In case you don't know it here is how it works. 

Get yourself a nice notebook and a pen, you will use these exclusively for this exercise. Set a daily reminder on your phone to go off at the very end of your day, less than an hour before bed is ideal. When your alarm goes of think back through your entire day and pick your two favourite experiences. Some days you will be scraping to find two but you always can, even if it is something really, really small. Other days you will sit there agonising over which of the five great things to pick.

It is this deliberating that is the heart and soul of the exercise.  It feels like it re-appropriates that part of my brain that makes me miserable in service of happiness. The part that, left to it's own devices, will index every failing, every hurt, every crumb of loneliness and isolation and instead set it to work on picking whether you preferred seeing Star Wars for the third time or chatting with my friend. 

At the end of the week you look back on your collection of 14 highlights and pick your favourite 2 fro them and at the end of the month you pick your two favourite from those and so on and so on. 

I have never actually made it more than a few weeks for some reason but sure we'll see how we do here.