Interview, some updates, some upcoming appearences

Hello friends. I want to share this interview from the last day of GDC. Crystal contacted me on Twitter and it was the very last thing I did before I headed to the airport and back home. It's a little rough around the edges (we recorded it in a crowded conference hall with no notice) but I think it may be my favourite I have done in a kind of weird way. Crystal is a really cool person and you can follow her work here.

Next week I will be showing DEEP at the Creative Coast Festival in Karlshamn, Sweden. I've never been to the Sweden before and I am excited to check out the feeling of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Apparently Swedish Whiskey is a thing! Gonna have to get me some of that while I am there. If you are in the area please do stop by and try the new version of DEEP (and recommend some Swedish whiskeys).

The other big upcoming showing in Shanghai, China (Whaaaaaaaaaat?). Niki has actually had one shown DEEP  this year in Beijing but this will be the furthest I have traveled with the work. I will be showing it and giving a talk to boot at the Buddhism and Technology Conference. We have taken DEEP to game shows, art shows and even science shows but this is a new frontier to us. I am told the audience will be mostly monks and academics. I am more then a little nervous to be talking about meditation to such folk, my understand of which is still in the realm of fundamentals. 

On the development side of things we are still plodding along. It is sloooooooooow but the experience is the best it has ever been. We are experimenting this month with alternative inputs and, if I can get them feeling good, it might actually become possible for us to distribute the game in a somewhat conventional manner. Google have sent me a Daydream so I'll see if I can get something running on that too. I'll let you know.