playful weekend

What is this thing?
A playful weekend to close off the summer season. A big playful jim jam before college and winter starts back up. 

When is it?
Thursday 28th of August -> Sunday 30th of August

Where is it?


Detailed Info:

How much does it cost?
Double rooms and twin rooms are €300 per room for the 3 nights
A bed with a family room will cost €120 

Can I squeeze extra people into my room?

What is the accommodation like
Mostly doubles, a twin room and a family room with 4 singles.
The place is really fancy and comfortable. Kinda like a grand designs place.
Take a look.

What do I need to bring?
All the food, games and entertainment you will need. 
Musical instruments, glow sticks and other playful props are highly encouraged.
Bring what ever you feel will enhance the experience for yourself and others. 

What will we be doing?
Walks, boardgames, chats, music, bonfires, geocahces and dreams. 

Will there be scheduled events?

How will I get there?
Driving makes the most sense. If you are coming from over seas or do not have a car let us know and we will see if we can get you in a car. Hopefully someone will take charge of transportation. 

Is this Inis Spraoi?
No, it is similar, but this is a different thing.

How is this different to Inis Spraoi?
IS changes lives. It has a schedule. It is a confluence of the four personalities of leader and the acolytes. 
This is just a weekend away. 
Also, it is not on an island.* 

How many people will be there?

How can I help?
Pitch in. Mutate the weekend in your own direction. Organise transportation for others or a big meal or a chilli cookoff. 
No need to ask permission.

How can I sign up?
Right here! Price is from €120 - €300 and covers your 3 nights accommodation

Room Type

*ok, technically it it on an island but there is no need to be difficult about it.