Want to be a game designer?

Craft your own games at an innovative workshop this August! 

Over a series of four Saturdays this August, game designer and lecturer Owen Harris will be leading a Game Design Workshop to help you forge the games you dream of in Block T in Dublin, Ireland. 


This course is experiential: we will learn by actually making games every day, not just talking about them! The curriculum will cover all game design fundamentals and is aimed at YOU; from people just starting out, to those needing a refresher, to those who want to be immersed in play - basically anyone who wants to make games. 

Your workshop leader Owen will draw on his wide industry experience to give a candid insight of the role and day-to-day skills of a Game Designer. We will also take a look at some of the resources available for crafting digital games for those interested in expanding their new skills into that area. Each camper will leave with a fully-crafted personally-created game (board, card, pervasive or sport) they can expand upon as they begin their game design adventure. There is an in-depth look at what each day will include below.


Owen Harris is the studio head and lead game designer at bitSmith Games and a leading figure in the emerging Irish games industry. He teaches Game Design and Production from diploma to masters level at DIT, speaks extensively at national and international conferences, and advises the Irish Government on the growth and direction of the burgeoning games sector.

He LOVES playing games and helping folk to forge their own. 


Four Saturdays this August; the 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd. You won't even need to take a single day off work to attend!

How much? 

The total price for all four Saturdays is €300.

What do I need?

- A deep love of games and play of all sorts
- Pen and paper
- A Gameplay Journal (fancy notebook)
- No special technical knowledge or experience is required to enjoy this course

Want more information? 

Just send a quick line to gamedesigncamp (at) and we'll be right back to you! 

There are only 12 spaces available for this course so sign up now!

Day One, Saturday  August 2nd = Basic Building Blocks

- Introduction
- Role of a game designer
- Fundamental concepts of game design
- Function of goals in games
- Different types of goals in games
- Motivation and narrative
- Exercise One: Making and playing a game
- Exercise Two: Making and playing a game that explores Goals & Motivation


Day Two, Saturday August 9th = Overcoming Obstacles

- Function of obstacles in games
- Exploring challenge in games
- Understanding and implementing difficulty curves
- How to balance a game
- Exercise One: Making and playing a game that explores Difficulty & Level Design
Exercise Two: Making and playing a game that balances wildly-different in-game abilities 


Day Three, Saturday August 16th = Ready Player One

- Exploring player interaction
- Function of thematic choices
- Structuring rules and systems
- Communicating rules to players and technical writing
- Exercise One: Making and playing a game based on player choice
- Exercise Two: Making and playing a game that explores rule design


Day Four, Saturday August 23rd = Input, Output, Throughput & Rewards

- Creating themes and worldbuilding
- Game presentation
- Exploring how we interact with games
- Control and feedback
- Bringing it all together
- Exercise One: Making and playing a casino game
- Exercise Two: Making and playing a game that explores reward systems

- Next steps: What to do next on your game design journey.